Keep your Villagers Happy

Even if you're further into the game, by removing the worker at the clinic you retain a happier village! Just put them back if someone gets sick. 


Save your Upgrade Materials

Save for State vs State! 

-Chief Charms, Fire Crystal Upgrades, SPEEDUPS, Gems 💎 (Lucky Wheel), Pet Advancements, Pet Refinements, Chief Gear Upgrades, Stamina Cans (Beast Hunting and Polar Rallies) Hero Gear Stones and Hero Widget Upgrades-

Spend Your Money Wisely!

Don't just buy anything. It's not all worth it.

My suggestions would be the weekly/monthly packs, extra march pack, the gem safety deposit box, stamina can packs and the custom built packs. 

Drill Camp

Drill Camp and Level resets open at Furnace level 13.

Chose your 5 best heroes and reset the rest to level one.

Once at level one put them in the drill camp and use the extra power to boost your heroes!

Focus on the hero featured in the middle of drill camp, this is your lowest level hero. 

As you go up in furnace level you gain more slots.


Clearing exploration stages and collecting idle rewards is a great source of steel (used for upgrading tech and increasing your city's happiness) and hero gear.

You can obtain hero shards, resources, keys, gems, hero xp and skill books as well.

Idle rewards are full every 7 hours.

Collect them before logging off so you can obtain as many rewards as possible! 

Chief Orders

  • Use Double Time before starting building construction or upgrades. It will decrease any NEW constructions time by 20% for 5 minutes
  • Use Mobilization, Productivity Day and THEN Rush Job to maximize the amount of resources you collect from these skills!


You get VIP XP from buying packs and logging in daily to collect rewards!

Contributing to Alliance Technology earns you Alliances Tokens that can be used to redeem VIP XP. 

Save your gems and use them for VIP XP! 

(Level 12 Bonuses featured above)

Arena Battles

You get 5 free daily challenges in the arena and can buy more with gems.

Pay attention to the power level of the player you're battling in the arena. Try to pick levels under you. 

Ranking does not go by your highest rank during the day so wait until just before reset before you do your Arena battles.

You earn hero books, hero xp and Arena Tokens you can use to purchase hero books to increase your hero skills!


They are hard to come by so do your arena battles daily! 

Intel Missions

Every time you level intel it increases your Intel mission count. 

Gold Intel gives you the best rewards.

Great way to get shards and resources.

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