Gina's Revenge

During Gina's Revenge you have to hunt beats to collect Cryptid horns.

Once you have collected a Cryptid Horn you and your team can call a rallies to defeat the Cryptids and collect Gina shards, Resources, XP and speedups!

  • You get rewards for both calling and participating in Cryptid rallies.

Recruit Gina as soon as possible, she reduces chief stamina cost by 10%-20%. This will allow you to maximize the use of your stamina during the event and while doing other beast hunt events!

  • You can save the horns for calling Cryptids after the event is over so you and your team can keep collecting shards. I only rally the 10 I need and save the rest of my horns for rewards after the event.
  • The personal event mission is to call 10 rallies and you are rewarded with 10 Gina shards.
  • Make sure during this event that you have Gina's Revenge selected under your Auto Join settings. The more people in your rallies the more people collecting Gina shards.

Once you have maxed out your Gina you can exchange extra shards during the Tundra Trading Event.

Once I personally maxed out Gina, I only do the ten for the event and move on. Use the rest of the horns to help the rest of my alliance and gain extra rewards in auto-join even after the event.