Rallies and Auto-Join

Auto-Join will send out one march for 8 hours. 

Turn Auto-Join on when you're socializing or offline to be earning rewards daily. 

Turning on Auto-Join is great if we are running rallies, useless if not.

Running Polar Terror rallies is very important! You can collect up to 500 alliances chests a day. Save your stamina cans and see how many rallies each member should run a day to reach your goal! If everyone uses auto and everyone rallies you should not have a problem maxing out chests.

Imagine the rewards if they were maxed out! 

When setting your auto-join please only send your BEST tiered troops. You do not want to join a rally and weaken it.

Send out multiple marches and claim chests! 


Jessie gives attack bonuses.

Join your Team!

When joining an alliance moving to the alliance territory is important for a few reasons. Not only do you get extra buffs on Alliance territory, but you want to be close to the Bear Trap, The HQ and your team so you can participate in events and join rallies. 


Understand NAP rules

NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact. For example if your state is a NAP 10 then the Top 10 alliances have all agreed to not attack each other. Each state has different rules. 

Early on I suggest that a large Nap is made. Nap 20-30 depending on activity of the state. 

Nap rules do change over time. 

Currently State 265 has No Nap only Allies.

UCT Times and Events

Events are tough to make it to if you don't know what time they are in your time zone.

If you're on your map click on the date and time in the top left-hand corner.

Once there it will display your upcoming events.

It will display it in UCT time but if you click the rotating arrows it will convert to your local time!


Upgrading Troops

Troop levels are averaged together when you send them out in the same rally. 

So mixing lower level troops in fact will lower your troop power, weakening your march and your rallies.

As soon as you can upgrade your troops do so! 

Also use the Troop boost in the training facilities or under City Boosts.