Alliance Mobilization

Alliance Mobilization is a bi-weekly event that requires alliance members to participate by picking a challenge and completing them!

  • Blue tasks give you the lowest rewards. Purple task give you the middle rewards. Orange tasks give you the best rewards.
  • The first two tasks are yours only. No other member in the alliance can use these tasks. They're either for 120% or 200%. You only complete one 200% a day but still have a chance to get another if you refresh! Personal missions can be refreshed indefinitely. 
  • The other tasks are Alliance tasks and can only be refreshed by R4/R5 so please request missions to be refreshed if needed.
  • Do not accept a mission if you do not have the means to complete it.
  • Complete as many exclusive missions as possible and don't forget the extra free attempts every day by clicking the [+] button.

Free to Play missions are gathering, training troops, beasts and polar terrors.

You should be gathering and training troops regularly so before collecting your troops or while your troops are coming back from gathering accept the mission and complete it. This gives you time for beasts and polar terrors!

Pay to Play missions are gems, hero stones and mythic shards save them for events like SvS and Hall of Heroes.

If you have a large abundance of gems but are not pay to play than you can accept a gem mission and purchase more mission attempts so you can hunt, rally and gather. 


Please do not accept tasks you cannot complete. This does not help you or the alliance grow. Ask for help! 

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